Sunday, July 15, 2012

So Wrong

My friend and fellow baby lost mother experienced her fourth consecutive loss this week. Her gorgeous daughter, Anja, was stillborn January 2012. Prior to conceiving Anja, she suffered two back-to-back miscarriages.

Just weeks ago she discovered she was pregnant again; the fifth time (she is blessed with a precocious 3-year-old).  And then, again, the symptoms started and she miscarried.

I am not a religious person. I don’t believe in a God or gods. But I do plead with the universe on occasion. This is most certainly one of those occasions. I am so sad, so mournful, so very angry that this family has lost their 4th baby in a row. It’s so wrong that one woman and one family could suffer such loss.

So I have been praying. Praying that they survive. Praying that they heal. Praying because I want so badly to be able to do something and I am powerless.

It’s just so effing wrong.


  1. Thank you for this. You *have* done something - you and this community are holding me up right now and this post helps enormously - to know you care. Thank you, thank you.

  2. This is such a kind tribute. I think of Anja too, and all of our babies.